Resident Info

Property Procedure

Residents entering the facility are not permitted to enter with their own property. When arriving from another facility, they will be given two (2) options for their property:

  1. Mail their personal belongings to a family member or friend of their choice, utilizing USPS Flat Rate boxes and at the standard rate for the box(es) they choose.
  2. Dispose of all personal belongings in the trash.

Residents will be allowed to keep their wallet and any identification they arrive with once searched and inventoried.

Residents who wish to wear their own clothing will be required to order from the facility’s Keefe commissary system only. Residents’ families may also place orders online from the Access Securepak menu to have items sent directly to the facility. Residents are allowed to receive one (1) $125 package per month.

View resident Permitted Item List.

Residents entering the program will be charged an admission fee of $75 to cover the cost of their workbooks, hygiene products (until they can order more), and clothes that they can keep upon release.


There is no limitation on the amount of authorized first-class mail residents may send/receive, with the exception that the mail does not disrupt the order or security of the facility.

Pictures will be looked at for compliance with facility standards; i.e. no pornographic or sexually suggestive photos, no alcohol, no gang material or visible gang signs and no Polaroid's. Residents are not allowed to receive more than 10 total pictures throughout their stay.

Telephone Privileges / Video Visitation

Residents are allowed one telephone call to notify their family/loved one that they are at Franklin County CBCF after the initial admission process.

For additional telephone correspondence information, you may contact ICSolutions or call 1-888-506-8407.

Money Management

Residents may receive funds in several different manners.

Electronically through Access Secure Deposits. You may visit them on the web at Access Corrections or by calling 1-866-345-1884.

There is a kiosk located in our lobby, which takes cash, credit or debit cards.

A final choice would be a money order made payable to the resident. The address of the sender and signature must be on the money order to be accepted. The money order can be mailed or dropped off in our lobby.