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Volunteer application

If you are interested in learning about our volunteering opportunities, please email us at [email protected] or fill out an application!
Volunteer Confidentiality and Commitment Agreement:
As a volunteer for the Franklin county CBCF, I understand that upon being accepted, I will be required to read the Code of Ethics/Standards of Conduct, and other applicable policies as they relate to the employees and volunteers of the Franklin County CBCF. My signature below indicates that I will adhere to all guidelines and agree to volunteer for a continuous period. It is also my understanding that a background investigation is completed on all volunteer applicants and, that the resulting information will be held confidential. My signature on this application grants permission for a background investigation to be conducted, and acknowledgement that my personal references may be contacted. I acknowledge that as a Volunteer, my attitude and conduct must reflect the philosophy of the Franklin County CBCF. I will consistently act in a manner that will reflect a positive professional image of the Franklin County CBCF.

I having been fully advised of the duties and responsibilities, as well as the potential risk inherent in work with convicted felons. I hereby assume all risk of personal injury and/or property damage which might occur during my volunteering/internship with the Franklin County Community Based Correctional Facility. I do hereby release Franklin County Community Based Correctional Facility, its employee(s), its representative(s) and the governing board, from any and every liability for any and every injury, physical and/or mental, that I may suffer while serving as a volunteer/intern. I expressly release the Franklin County Community Based Correctional Facility from all liability in tort for any personal injury or damage to property caused by an act of God, accident, or by the negligence of the Franklin County Community Based Correctional Facility or any of its employees.