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money management

For Friends/Family:  

You may deposit money to a Resident's account for Commissary by:
  • Bringing in a Money Order
  • By using a Debit/Credit Card or Cash in a Kiosk located in our Lobby
  • By depositing funds electronically though the following website:
  • You may also call this toll free number to place a deposit by phone: 866-345-1884

Depositing Money on a Resident's Account:

  • Intake day is the ONLY day we will accept cash deposits. If you are being transferred from another institution, we will accept their check. Thereafter, we will accept only money orders, cashiers checks, tax refund checks, and pay checks.
  • We advise you to bring a copy of your birth certificate, official State I.D., or drivers license with you on intake day, otherwise you will be required to request a copy from the Bureau of Vital Statistics at your expense.
  • You may have money sent to you or money can be dropped off for you at the facility any day of the week between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm.
  • You will always get a receipt for money deposited. There is no limit to the amount of money you can have on your books.
  • All income including employment paychecks, bonuses, tips, overtime pay and money received through the mail must be turned in to Central Control and be deposited on your account.
  • You must be self-supporting. You are responsible for any costs you incur for medical services, prescriptions, indigent packages, bus passes, etc.


  • The limit on commissary is $75.00. You may order personal hygiene items and up to twenty food items from the Commissary list at your expense.
  • Your money must be in by Tuesday of each week in order for you to order Commissary that week. Commissary is passed out on Saturday.


  • Once you reach the employment stage of your program you may be able to go out job seeking.
  • You may purchase a bus pass through the finance department at the cost of $4.50 for a Daily pass, $25.00 for a Weekly pass and $62.00 for a 31 Day pass. Friends and Family may drop off buss passes for Residents as well.
  • You are required to turn in your pay check and pay check stub to Central Control on your payday.

Requesting Money Off Your Account

  • You are allowed to request cash off your account twice a month after your first 30 days.
  • You can also request a check to be written from your account once a week. Normally people will send money home to support their family. You may also request a check be sent for child support.
  • There is a monthly calendar displayed in each living area to let the resident know what the due dates are to request money off their account.

Closing Your Account Upon Release

When the Finance Department receives your Notice of Exit Form, the process will begin to close out your account. Your money will be ready for you on the day you exit. Your account is normally closed a week prior to your exit day.