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Mail Privileges

Outgoing Mail 

There is no limitation placed on the number of letters you may send, with the specification that all such correspondence is limited to first class mail and does not disrupt the order or security of the facility and does not require the facility to exceed the reasonable amount of materials it supplies to you if you do not have funds.
If you do have funds, you may purchase paper, envelopes and stamps from the commissary service provided by the CBCF.
If you are without funds (indigent) you will be provided, free of charge, a reasonable amount of, paper, envelopes and postage stamps. All mail must have the facility return address on the envelope for it to be sent out of the facility.


There is no limitation on the amount of authorized first-class mail you may receive, with the exception that the mail does not disrupt the order or security of the facility. 


 Mail Inspection 

If mail appears suspicious or out of the normal sequence of receipt or delivery, any staff member may stop the regular processing of the mail. Incoming correspondence from the courts, an attorney of record or public officials shall be opened and inspected in your presence. 
  • Pictures will be looked at for compliance with facility standards; i.e. no pornographic or sexually suggestive photos, no alcohol, no gang material or visible gang signs and no Polaroid's unless the backs are off them. 
  • Staff withholds mail for examination that has obvious markings and may represent a threat to the order or security of the facility. 
  • Money orders are recorded and held in Central Control until you come to breakfast and sign the money in order that it is placed on your books for your use. 
  • If you received items that are not in compliance with facility standards the items will be returned at your expense.